About Me
Born and raised in Santa Rosa, California, I grew up on the family ranch.  My parents always kept my brother and I very busy.

I graduated from Montgomery High School.  The summer after graduation I applied for a job with the Regional Parks Department.  After I was hired, I began my training.  One of the rangers, Christy, showed me the ropes of my new job.  Soon after, I found out Christy was an amateur motorcycle racer.  I had always wanted a motorcycle since I was a little kid, so having this outlet at work brought it all back.  Every day Christy and I would talk about bikes, riding, repairs and maintenance.  She taught me the basics.

Within six months I saved up enough money and bought my first motorcycle. After a week I was hooked! I started to work at a local motorcycle repair shop. Two other mechanics on staff, Dan Pachulo and Drew Williamson, trained me on how to properly rebuild brakes, suspension, adjust valves, change tires, change oil and perform basic motorcycle services. 

I have also worked at a motorcycle performance shop in Rohnert Park. This is where my in-depth performance and diagnostic training began.  The shops main expertise was performance, modifications, fabricating and custom work.    
I stayed at this shop for quite some time.  I then enrolled in a motorcycle mechanic school in Sacramento, so my girlfriend and I moved there that summer.torcyclemechanic program in Sacramento.

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While earning my degree, I managed a motorcycle repair shop.  I was given the unique opportunity to wrench on motorcycles during the day while learning about them at night in school.  On top of that, one of my best friends Drew Williamson moved to Sacramento.  Once again, we wrenched together like the old days at CyclePro.
After I graduated from mechanic school and received my motorcycle certification, my girlfriend and I felt it was time to move on from Sacramento. I missed my friends, family and the perfect twisty roads back home.  I moved back home to Sonoma County a month later and started working on Ducati's and Triumphs.
I learned about Ducati's unique two valve and four valve engines, and the understanding of it's valve train. I continued to further my education by getting a job at the local Vespa dealership.  
Never in my career would I have thought working on scooters would be a path I would have chosen. It didn't take long for the scooter community to make me feel right at home.  

In time I have learned what amazing little machines they are. The BV 500 and MP3 500 are not so little. On a day to day, I see these machines being tested to their limits. Some can be a little pricey, but the price is compensated by their reliable engines and durability. Not to mention their ridiculously great gas mileage.
FInally I have decided to open my own motorcycle and scooter repair shop. I would like to extend a thank you and gratitude to my loyal customers that have trusted and supported me over the years. This is the new service department you have built for yourself to keep your bike running.  I am offering new services which are very affordable. As long as you let me work here, I will continue to give you the best customer service to the best of my ability.


Chris Bertram